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Yoga FASCIAnation

Hello, my name is Nic


I offer a trauma informed approach to emotional healing. I help empower people to move with ease and feel better in their body, from
the inisde out. Do you want live better inside your body and learn techniques to take better care of yourself? 
I use an interdisciplinary,
integrative approach that applies trauma informed Myofascial Release (MFR), homeopathy, principles of therapeutic yoga,
self Myofascial Release (SMFR)
, breath re-patterning and relaxation strategies to create powerful long-lasting results.

I am passionate about not only helping, but empowering people to live better in their bodies., integrating body awareness, working
with restrictions, changing pain patterns, turn on your' OFF-switch' and enhancing stress-resilience. If you would like to experience
improved mobility, live pain-free, have calmness and clarity of mind, and improve your long term health I'm here to help you.


Fantastic And Fascinating Fascia


Myofascial Release

A Gentle Approach To Movement, Pain & Posture

Feel Better In Your  Body

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Empower Your Health

Ready to make to improve your health?
Want to resolve past trauma?

Bespoke and personalised coaching and programmes
suited to your goals.


" What a find - Nicki and Myofascial Release! After years and years of pain in my back, hips and legs and having tried so many techniques to find relief, Nicki has worked magic. I didn't quite realise how stressed I was with the pain!  In fact, I couldn't stand still due to the pain in my hips. Her knowledge of the ​body and it's workings, her ability to listen and then feel her way through to releasing the issues is outstanding. She does it in such a warm and calm way. Not only had my pain gone but I have been the most relaxed I have ever  felt several days after each session. My treatments have showed me how much tension I had. The sessions have been life changing for me!"   Linda, Retired

I have struggled with chronic knee issues including arthritis for many years, following ruptures and subsequent operations on my cruciate and collateral ligaments. I was suffering from intense knee pain and limping very badly. The pain was severely restricting my mobility and ability to sleep. Nicki did 3 treatments on my knee. The following day after the first treatment my knee was significantly less painful and less inflamed and got progressively got less painful and my mobility returned over the following days. Four months on, and despite returning to using pretty heavy weights at the gym, I have had no problems with my knee and it is feeling really good.  I can wholeheartly recommend MFR treatments with Nicki and I would urge anyone who needs body work to seek her out. Thank you Nicki for making a difference to my life.   Paul, Sports Masseur                                  

Stretch Yoga Pose

Fascia Yoga

A somatic, yin-style  & SMFR practice suitable for all levels


Scar Tissue Release

“ A scar is the tip of a fascial iceberg”

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