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Yoga Fascia

Ralax, Release and Invite Spaciousness

A fusion of gentle movement, somatic awareness and yin yoga. This practice offers a deeply healing approach which accesses the fascia and moves further inward to the subtle body.

Ashtanga Yoga

Listen inwardly
to the sheaths
of connective
tissue, muscle
and bone

Release chronic muscular contraction and habitual patterns

This way of working helps to release held patterns of tension (both physical and emotional).  Organic and passive movements support the body’s nervous system, which allows the body to heal, self regulate, assist biorhymns, blood and lymph flow.

I am currently offering online classes on a Wednesday evening 7.30pm-8.30pm please contact me to book.

I am also offering private sessions. You will benefit for invidualised sessions to work on chronic tensions patterns that surface as restriction in movement and pain. These sessions will also incorpororate self myofascial release. 


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