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Work With Me

Re-set your posture. Transform pain. Learn stress-resilience.

As a stress-resilience, movement and pain management specialist I use an integrated approach, amalgamating myofascial release (MFR), self myofascial release (SMFR), homeopathic remedies, breath repatterning, yoga therapy principles and relaxation strategies to help you to relieve chronic tension patterns, enhance your breathing, improve mobility, increase performance and breathing patterns and relieve stress.


My focus is to transform stress, tension and pain, and give you strategies to empower your own health and well-being.  


How we can work together: one-to-one, online programmes and online group programmes.


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Transform stress, tension and pain.
Empower your own
health and well-being

ONE-TO-ONE in person and online

Self Care
Learn tools & techniques for your health and well-being

Help to reduce aches and pains with Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) and yoga and breath repatterning coaching. These techniques can help allievate stress and anxiety and improve sleep.

Breath repatterning
Improve Performance & Your Health

Your breath is the baseline for all physical movement. While the respiratory muscles’ primary purpose is to facilitate breathing, their secondary duty is to assist your posture and movement. These dual roles are in constant flux as you go about your day. Perhaps you are an athlete, or have asthma or COPD, or perhaps you are stressed or anxious. In each of these cases you might feel that your breath capacity could be improved for performance, or for living more comfortably day-to-day.

Movement (Yoga Fascia)
Ralax, Release and Invite Spaciousness
A fusion of gentle movement, somatic awareness and yin-like yoga. This practice offers a deeply healing approach which accesses the fascia and moves further inward to the subtle body.
Release chronic muscular contraction and habitual patterns

This way of working helps to release held patterns of tension (both physical and emotional). Organic and passive movements support the body’s nervous system, which allows the body to heal, self regulate, assist biorhythms, blood and lymph flow.


The art of relaxation - turn on your OFF switch
Learn the essential art of true relaxation
Reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep, feel at ease in your body. 

Our culture today is dominated by our ‘on’ switch, this way of being is one that is always on the go leaving little time for time for ourselves, let alone relaxation.We will shift your mode of being from a hyer-aroused state to one of relaxation (increased parasympathetic activity) and enhanced embodiment.

We will take a look into your current health, natural remedies may be prescribed to support and heal you physically and emotionally. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations may also be given to help create the 'soil' in which you can flourish. We will also use myofascial release to help ease tension, reduce pain and inflammation.  Yoga, relaxation strategies and self-care tools will give you fundamental cornerstones to support your transformation to optimal health.


Pain and Posture
Release chronic muscular contraction and habitual patterns
Using Myofascial release, self massage and principles of yoga therapy. Improve your proprioception (your body’s sense of itself, or inner GPS system) improve movement coordination, improve joint range of motion and mobility, reduce muscle fatigue and pain and help to correct postural alignment.



Enhanced performance
Improve mobility, range of motion and erase pain. Improve your posture and improve your breathing.
Do you want to soothe aches and pains, improve your range of motion in joints, enhance your performance in your sporting pursuits or weekend hobbies, or perhaps you want to find natural, medication-free ways to improve your emotional resilience, reduce stress and improve your posture, muscle recovery and performance. Learn the importance of the fascia is in your daily life, activities and your health.


Online Programme

Centered Around Your Goals

Together we will get clear on your goals and unpick what is going on for you health-wise. My focus is to create long-lasting results, bringing you back into balance; where you feel more aligned with 'you'.


Together we will use natural remedies to support you to heal holistically. Dietary recommendations will be given to create the 'soil' in which you can flourish. We will also use myofascial release to help ease tension, reduce pain and inflammation. We will use yoga to help to create time to connect to your body and to melt away stress and tension.


Together we will create space in your life that will create profound changes and a long-lasting impact on your health.


What Can Stress-Free Living Coaching Help You With?

  • Create calm and ease

  • Stress & anxiety

  • ​Hormonal issues

  • Fertility issues

  • Pain

  • Tension

  • Inflammation

  • Migraines & headaches

  • Low energy


What Does A Programme Include?

Kick-off consultation and goal setting (initial appointment)

We will put your existing health under the spotlight, by looking in detail at your energy levels, physical issues, sleep, eating habits, digestion and emotions. We will look at your stressors and how you react to them. You'll be prescribed your own unique natural remedies to help support you  



  • One Private 1 hour Yoga session via Skype a week

  • Stress-less weekly theme - each week you will receive a theme that you work with for the entire week

  • Tools & techniques that will be built on week by week. You will be able use these tools to help reduce the stress response & create calm

  • Morning & evening routines & rituals to help set you up for the day ahead and to aid you to wind down from the day, and to ease you into a peaceful sleep

Ongoing Support

Email support will be available once a week. This support is designed to keep you on-track, inspired and to help troubleshoot any teething problems you may have. 


- End of month CATCH UP call (30 mins) - we'll discuss how you've done during the month and an updated prescription will be dispatched. 

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