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Transform Anxiety Programme

Learn to live without anxiety and panic attacks

Having anxiety and panic attacks can feel like you're living in an inhospitable body - I know, I've been there too. I want to share with you that you CAN live in a life without being this way. Don't get me wrong it's challenging and exhausting, but there's NOTHING wrong with you. You are not broken. It's just your body doing its best to look after you and protect you.

My story

I know what it is to have chronic anxiety, which at the time felt as though my life was shut down by my feelings and thoughts of impending doom. I felt trapped in my body and dictated by an avalanche of negative and fearful thoughts. I felt stressed by my thoughts and had a feeling of tension in my body. I experienced panic attacks when I was at home, working and driving in my car. When I aligned myself to thoughts and feelings I felt scared and as though there was no safe place to be. Some days it felt as though the only time I had any respite was when I was sleeping.


An elephant in the room

I perpetually created a relationship with my body that I couldn't trust. I had to operate my existence based upon will and despite these intense feelings they were unseen by others. I hid this part of me and only shared it with my nearest and dearest. They watched to see the impact of shutting my life down. I felt I had to explain why I found it extremely challenging to travel on trains and be in busy places. Good friends would be incredibly understanding and thoughtful, but unless you've experienced feelings of intense unease and ongoing feelings that you might die, how could they really know what it was to live in my shoes. As time went on, I made less of outward justifications and excuses to not put myself in certain situations, I lived with this inner conflict of fear of preserve and trying to over-ride it with will. It was exhausting to buffer myself and use my will. There was an elephant in the room, I kept my anxiety quite to my boss and work colleagues. I travelled business class with my heart pounding, palms sweating and holding tightly onto the arm rests at 30,000 feet in the air. I wondered how my boss couldn't see that I was agitated, as I continually spoke to myself over and over that I would be OK. So this 'elephant' accompanied me in many circumstance. I felt I had what little freedom I had left to experience to be me amongst my closest friends, the energy it took to 'fight' enveloped me. Anxious thoughts and feelings persisted for a couple of years and I just knew in my heart, that although it was my experience to live like this, life didn't have to be this way.


Natural healing from anxiety

For me medication wasn't the answer. Seeds had been planted some years before about a more natural route as I had questioned the side effects of medicine when I was studying for my A-Levels at college. So I embarked on my healing journey, which turned out to be one of self-discovery and empowerment. I explored a bunch of holistic modalities, but it wasn't until I used homeopathy, yoga, yoga nidra/meditation and self myofascial release that I made breakthroughs and truly healed.



You are NOT broken

I want to tell you now that you are NOT BROKEN. It might feel that way, but actually your body is doing its very best to protect you, to create balance and keep you safe.

I am here to share with you all is not lost and that you can truly heal from anxiety. I have created Transform Anxiety from  authenticity, my own personal experience and from me teaching many clients. This It is packed with tools and techniques for transformation.



  • The confidence to feel safe in your body.

  • Release emotional blocks with body-based techniques, energy medicine tools and natural remedies.

  • Release tension. Soothe the body’s “Fight or Flight” stress responses

  • To love you again

  • Lean into your tool kit to help you through stress & anxiety

  • Reconnect with your body, thoughts, emotions.

  • Create a new way of being that is deeply transforming and empowering.


Soothe your nervous system and deal with the root of anxiety and panic.

A non-toxic, natural, holistic and powerful way of approaching health.


Feel better in your body. Release tension and feel more at ease. Help with sleep problems.


Somatic awareness and restorative yoga. A deeply healing approach which soothes agitation and promotes rest and healing.


An ancient sleep-based meditation technique that has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation to heal.


This is a unique coaching programme from my heart to yours. You will work with me remotely and you will also receive emails and follow-up home based practices and exercises. You will receive:

  • 8 weekly lessons with daily home-based practices

  • 2 personal remote homeopathic, lifestyle and dietary consultations

  • personal yoga session(s)

  • personal Self Myofascial Release session(s)
  • weekly email and/or call support

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