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About Yoga Fascianation

Yoga Fascianation was created from my fascination in fascia! I use an interdisciplinary, integrative approach that applies the principles of therapeutic yoga, Myofascial Release (MFR), Self Myofascial Release (SMFR), and relaxation strategies to create powerful long-lasting results.
Experiece enhanced body awareness, change in pain patterns and restrictions. Experience calm and clarity, improve mobilty to create ease in your body and long term health. 

Meet Yoga Fascianation Founder

Nic Hutchinson

I help  empower people to move with ease and feel better in their body, from the inisde out. I am a yoga teacher, homeopath and Advanced Myofascial Release (MFR) therapist, Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) Therapist, transformative breath coach and fascia nerd! 

I help my clients find peace and ease in their bodies. I offer a holistic approach to whole body-mind balance and pain-free wellness. My work offers a bespoke and integrated approach combining myofascial release (MFR), yoga, principles of yoga therapy, Self Myofascial Release (SMFR), self care, breath repatterning, relaxation strategies and homeopathy.

I help clients release chronically held tension patterns, find better postural patterns and fluidity in their bodies. My apprach also involves e
mbodied awareness and movement, emotional wellness, and stress resilience,. I have a  background in Psychology, I am known for my compassionate and nurturing approach. I have dedicated myself to learning about stress resilience and I passionate about empowering people to live their full expression of life. 

Turning back the hands of time, I experienced chronic anxiety which at the time felt as though my life was shut down by my feelings and thoughts of impending doom. I felt trapped in my body and dictated by my thoughts. I felt stressed by my thoughts and feelings of tension in my body. For me medication wasn't the answer for me, so I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I found homeopathy to stop my feelings of panic (I was actually training to be a homeopath during this intense time of my life). Yoga was also an incredible healer for me; for me the gift of yoga is to live it, to apply principles in your everyday (I have taught yoga classes in a drug and alcohol rehab clinic). I went on a journey of doing a more outward practice, exploring many different styles, which moved towards a more subtle and inward practice. This created a deep 'fascia-nation' for the body's self-regulatory systems such as the vagus nerve, yogic sleep (yoga nidra) and a somatic yoga practice. Moving the hands of time on, I can honestly say I have befriended my body. I am eternally grateful to my body for it's awesome design!


I have commited myself to embodiment,, aligning myself with inspirational teachers Tias Little, Jill Miller, Tiffany Cruikshank, Ruth Duncan and Emma Gilmore), delving deeper into exploring poly vagal theory, fascia, fascial movement, restorative and yin yoga,. My curiousity continues within the realm of mind-body awareness and a whole-person centred approach to healing. It is the great consolidation of knowledge that forms the basis of Yoga Fascianation; harnessing methods, empowerment tools and techniques to create impacting and lasting changes to long-term health and pain-free living,

I work one to one with people creating pain-free, stress-free programmes. I also lead workshops and retreats on somatic yoga and myofascial release.


I live in the beautiful Cotswolds and I am a Mum of two beautiful spirited children. I love painting and strolling the beautiful Cotswolds hills. 


Education & Certifications

  • APNT Advanced Myofasical Release Diploma

  • Certificate in Self-Myofascial Release
    Therapy (50 hours)

  • Licentiate Practical College of Homeopathy, London

  • I AM Yoga Nidra™ with Amrit Yoga Institute (100 hours)

  • YogaTune Up Bliss & Breath Immersion

  • Yoga Medicine® Shoulder Intensive (55 hours)

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Jillian Pransky (80 hours)

  • SATYA Teacher Training Workshops

  • ​Swing Yoga Teacher Training (Gravatonics Iyengar method)

  • TCTSY (Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (Fine Balance Yoga)

  • Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Diploma

  • Birthlight Baby Yoga  Levels 1 & 2 Diploma

  • Birthlight Toddler Yoga

  • ​Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher

  • YogaKidz Children's Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga teacher Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy

  • ​VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing (up to and including Omega Level)

  • Psychology BSc

  • ​Various other post-graduate diplomas and certificates​

    I bring all of this knowledge, tools and experience to help you.

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